Trademark Registration


Trademark protects a word, phrase, symbol, or combination of those and must be unique or distinctive.

Class 01

Chemicals, fertilizers, biological preparations

Class 02

Paints, colorants, marking, printing and art

Class 03

Non-medicated cosmetics and toiletry

Class 04

Industrial oils and greases, fuels and illuminants

Class 05

Pharmaceuticals, medical, dietetic, food for babies

Class 06

Common metals and their alloys, metal containers

Class 07

Machines, motors, engines (except vehicles)

Class 08

Hand tools, cutlery; side arms (except firearms)

Class 09

Apparatus and instruments, computer devices

Class 10

Medical apparatus and instruments

Class 11

Lighting, heating, cooling and sanitary purposes

Class 12

Vehicles, apparatus by land, air, water

Class 13

Firearms, ammunition, explosives, fireworks

Class 14

Precious metals, jewellery, chronometric

Class 15

Musical instruments that create music

Class 16

Stationery and office requisites (except furniture)

Class 17

Unprocessed and semi-processed rubber

Class 18

Leather and imitations of leather by animal skins

Class 19

Materials (not of metal) for construction

Class 20

Furniture (not of metal)

Class 21

Household or kitchen utensils and containers

Class 22

Ropes and string, nets, tents and tarpaulins

Class 23

Yarns and threads for textile use

Class 24

Textiles and substitutes for textiles, linen

Class 25

Clothing, footwear, headwear

Class 26

Lace, embroidery, buttons, hair decorations

Class 27

Carpets, rugs, mats, etc (not of textile)

Class 28

Toys and playthings, gymnastic and sporting articles

Class 29

Meat, processed fruits and vegetables, dairy products

Class 30

Preserved products, coffee-, tea-, cocoa-based beverages

Class 31

Unprocessed grains, fresh fruits and vegetables

Class 32

Non-alcoholic beverages, mineral water, beers

Class 33

Alcoholic beverages (except beers)

Class 34

Tobacco and tobacco substitutes, cigarettes and cigars

Class 35

Advertising, business management, office functions

Class 36

Financial and monetary affairs, insurance, real estate

Class 37

Building construction, repair, installation services

Class 38


Class 39

Travel arrangement, packaging and storage

Class 40

Treatment of materials

Class 41

Education, entertainment, sporting, cultural

Class 42

Information technology services, industrial analysis

Class 43

Services for providing food, drink, accommodation

Class 44

Medical, veterinary and forestry services

Class 45

Legal or physical protection services

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