We provide scolarship to student that have financial problem to continue their study.

The Scholarship is granted to the Student who has complied with the criteria as follow:-

  • The Scholarship is open to all Public University’s enrolled students;
  • The Student shall comply with the entry requirement for the programme or course applied for;
  • The Student is required to provide information on the family’s financial position and/or Guarantor, as stated in the Scholarship Application form; and
  • Any other relevant documentation as requested.

Solar Project

We launched the most ambitious rural electrification project ever attempted.

The end users for this project has been provided with electricity or solar powered battery systems.

  • To encourage development and improve the quality of life in these remote villages;
  • The project supports the government’s energy policy, which has for years sought to promote a hybrid system of energy production particularly solar energy;
  • The project will support the electrification of several selected rural localities and the connection of a lot of households.